Family history of Scott & Marsha McConnell
This genealogy site contains the history of many of our ancestors and relatives.

Out of respect for the privacy of our family members we have tried to exclude living relatives from our web page. We encourage all other genealogists to do the same. If you find someone that you feel should not be listed please let us know.

If you believe you have a connection to one of the surnames drop us a line. We likely have additional information about their living descendants. Start with the Index or Surname links.

This site contains approximately 3075 individuals.

Clinton County, Iowa (IA)
Jackson County, Iowa (IA)
Mercer County, Illinois (IL)
Missouri (MO)
Ohio (OH)
Pennsylvania (PA)

Special Acknowledgment:
Much of the information for the Green family on this site came from:
“The Green Family of Clinton County, Iowa.” By Helen Fay Green.
(First printing: 1984, Second Edition:2011)